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Snap Happy, Snap Specatcles

Snap Happy, Snap Specatcles

8. September 2017 | | Business & Development

Forget about ugly GoPro, or dorky Google Glass, it is time for fun and chic Snap Spectacles.

If you are a Snapchat user you would understand this: imagine the perfect moment to capture the perfect 10-30 second video, and you were not fast enough to unlock your phone. Result: that unbearable frustration.

As of now, that frustration belongs to the past. Snapchat’s parent company has launched a line of sunglasses that allow you to capture your perfect “Snapchat moment”. The sunglasses are operated by a simple tap on the corner of the glasses, allowing you to take a snap, whether it’s a photo or a video, on a camera that is designed to mimic the human eye. Every video automatically stops at 10 seconds, however, another tap can add another 10 seconds with an allowance up to 30 seconds per video. Not only is there an inward light while you snap, there is also an outward light that indicates that you are recording. The sunglasses have their own storage space saving up to 10 videos. If you need additional space your snaps can be transferred directly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi onto your smart device.

What is even more impressive is the fact that although the Snap Spectacles only have a battery life of approximately one day, you can charge them by putting them back into their case and you are good to go! The perfect Snap moment will never be missed ever again. 

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