Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab

FASHION FUSION is an ideas competition by Deutsche Telekom. Together with LUFTHANSA and additional partners, we encourage creative minds from fashion and technology to team up, engage and challenge the fashion status quo with groundbreaking concepts.


Get ready for your flight to CES Las Vegas where the teams of this year’s challenge will present their final prototypes! 

Date: 08.01.2018

Route: LH 440 Frankfurt (FRA) via Houston (IAH) to Las Vegas (LAS)

Time: 10:00 – 13:45

Aircraft: A380 

The Challenge
Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab

The LUFTHANSA FlyingLab Challenge aims to make flying more comfortable than ever. How? Through tech innovation. We invite young fashion talent to submit their ideas to enhance the long distance flight experience by the use of fashion and technology.

We want you to not only tackle the issues that concern passengers, but also the cabin crew by equipping them with wearables and smart uniforms that take us into the future of flying.

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The Categories

Health & Wellness
Can you design something, that ...

  • -promotes the passengers’ sleep and relaxation?
  • -makes the cabin crew’s uniform even more multifunctional?
  • -decreases the jetlag effects?
  • -equips all cabin crew members for any climate zones they might enter during their flight?
  • -alerts passengers about possible imminent medical conditions?
  • -helps passengers who need to cope with their fear of flying?

Can you design something, that ...

  • -makes switching the seats easier?
  • -can display any necessary passenger information the cabin crew needs at any time?
  • -can make crew members better visible in cases of emergency?
  • -can make the identification of closed and open seat belts easier?
  • -ensures the completeness of the crew members’ uniforms?
  • -gives passengers real time information about their transit schedules?

Can you design something, that ...

  • -simplifies the communication between the passengers and the cabin crew?
  • -simplifies the communication between all cabin crew members within the airplane?
  • -removes the language barrier between passengers and cabin crew members?
  • -equips all cabin crew members for any climate zones they might enter during their flight?
  • -replaces the tablet and makes the crew more agile?
  • -makes the cabin crew aware of all passenger calls?

Get the chance to explore a Lufthansa Aircraft!

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Application & Challenge Information

This is where you will see your idea come to life, mentored by high-profile coaches, using the high-tech facilities of the the FabLab Berlin — we’re talking 3D printers and laser cutting machines. Your prototype will be presented on a flight to CES (Consumer Technology Association Conference) taking place on 8th January 2018 in LAS VEGAS!

We take your idea above the clouds. Literally.

We love to see your vision grow and offer further unique collaborations under the umbrella of Fashion Fusion after a successful piloting because we are here for the long haul.

Start of Application phase: June 29, 2017

End of Application phase: August 15, 2017

Challenge phase: September – December 2017