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10 must-follow fashiontech Twitter channels

10 must-follow fashiontech Twitter channels

29. November 2016 | | Experience & Community

Fashiontech is a fast paced, multifaceted environment which has not been mainstreamed yet. Which is why following influencers and news outlets who care about wearables, smart textiles, augmented reality and the future of fashion on Twitter makes total sense. We put together a list of ten highly influential channels who gather and distribute news about fashiontech in diverse and interesting ways.


Muchaneta Kapfunde

Muchaneta Kapfunde is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to smart reporting on all things fashion tech. She’s deeply connected with creators businesspeople and everyone in between. So her Twitter timeline is the perfect entry point for everyone who just starts exploring the scene. She’s very good at finding the most interesting new projects around fashiontech and presenting them in a really exciting way while her approach doesn’t feel click-baity at all. Definitely a must-follow!



Interlaced is a London based hub for information on fashion and technology found by Kristina Dimitrova. While the online publication is growing into a directory of innovators, the Twitter channel is already a well established, influential collection of event reports, interviews, editorial and relevant shares of interest throughout the whole industry. Don’t miss it!


Wearable Guru

Wearable Guru is the brainchild of Muchaneta Kapfunde and Mano ten Napel who also partnered in founding the news platform FashNerd. While the website is still in startup mode, but the Twitter feed is already well established and overflowing of useful, inspiring information. Wearable Guru collects the most relevant articles about advancements in wearable technology including aspects like health, education, sports and entertainment. It is a perfect source to broaden the view beyond fashiontech. Get inspired!



This is the Twitter account of Berlin based FASHIONTECH, a conference on the future of fashion. The conference takes place twice a year parallel to Berlin Fashion Week and the neighbouring PREMIUM exhibition. But the Twitter channel offers much more than the already very inspiring insights into the conference itself. While promoting Berlin as a perfect startup ground for the fashiontech industry it also pushes experimental projects and international collaborations into the limelight. We are happy to have them as our partner. Following highly recommended!


FashionTech 101

FashionTech 101 describes itself as the news site that rounds up the most important news from the ever evolving world of fashiontech, smart textiles and wearables. FashionTech 101 is quick, extensive in its posting and on point. It is, in a way, the digital daily newspaper of fashion tech while its positing mechanism is mainly based on collecting the most relevant news from other publications. But that’s exactly what we need in this highly fragmented world. Get your daily dose of fashiontech now!


Marta Waydel

While the work of Marta Waydel mainly focusses on sustainability in fashion it is obvious that thinking about this specific future of the industry also includes thinking about technology on a wide scope. The aspect of sustainability is a very important aspect to keep in mind while creating new products in the realm of fashion. So Martas Twitter channel is highly recommended to anyone who designs consciously and with the consumer AND nature in mind. Check this out!



The fashion technology house ElektroCouture is an influential European hub for all things related to the industry. Its Twitter Channel is on the rise! If you want to know in which way the world of fashiontech is connected and if you wan’t to learn hands, don’t miss out on your chance to follow Lisa Lang and her amazing team. They are not only curators of our humple challenge but also working with FashionTechBerlin and soon with fashion school Esmod Berlin. Send DM’s, tweet questions, share their enthusiasm an you’ll soon be part of the network. Do it now!


Matt Drinkwater

Matt Drinkwater is head of the fashion innovation agency FIA at London College of Fashion. He travels the world to spread the word on the value of collaboration and innovation through technology in fashion. And he is very active on Twitter. Which means that you’d not only get a lot of useful information on your favourite topic through his channel, but also some personal insight on how a live feels advocating for fashiontech all over the world. And sometimes this kind of inspiration is crucial when we want to stick to our goals. Get your dose of international fashiontech!


360 Fashion Network

360 Fashion Network is the platform of Anina Net who is not only a model but more importantly one of the early specialists on creating a bridge between fashion and technology. While being send away by brand with her expertise on fashiontech in the early years in the western world, she turned to China and managed to organise big events around blogging and technology there. Following her Twitter channel we can benefit from her deep insights, her lively event calendar and her passion for all things fashiontech. Trust the pros!


Charles-Abner DADI

If you are interested in integrating AI and big data into your fashion project – may it be wearables or retail concepts – you should have a look into the Twitter channel of Charles-Abner DADI. He is a multilingual quantitative strategist and machine learner, who co-founded Uchidata, a company that creates an API which makes it easy to analyse, classify and tag text in real time. So he doesn’t look exclusively at fashion. But all the information from his channel could be relevant for the industry sooner or later, no matter if we are fans of this kind of data analytics or not. Dive in!


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