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Amazon wants to give you style advice

Amazon wants to give you style advice

25. October 2017 | | Experience & Community

We have already discussed the new devices of Google (Home) and Amazon (Echo) that will add voice-controlled computers to our households.

However, other than Amazon’s basic Echo, the new “Echo Look” device comes with a camera (well, two, actually: one standard camera and a background camera that allows the user to blur out the background), so now it perceives acoustics and visual inputs. Just put the gadget on a shelf and ask it to take a full-length photo of you.

What Siri is for the iPhone, Alexa is for Amazon Echo. This personal assistant, especially now with the featured camera and a new app, is also a style advisor. Here is how it works: take two photos in two different outfits and upload it to the Amazon sponsored app “Style Check”. Your A.I. will “learn” and combine simple daily information such as the weatherconditions for example, and decide for you what to wear today.

What kind of algorithm do we have to deal with here? It seems quite obvious that you can programme an app to personal preference. For example, choosing a red dress over a green one, when the colour en vogue is red at the moment; or, when it is 30 degrees outside, it would suggest something other than to wear a ski-jacket. But, of course, there is something else that Amazon has in mind.

Considering Amazon’s dive into the fashion industry with its own label “find”, it might be that the app will recommend styles and clothes to users that are sold on their website. So, question the objectivity of your new virtual styleBFF.

Bottom line: for most people it remains perhaps more of a doubtablegimmick, with a rather commercial intention than a benevolent one. Better stick to sending your real best friend our outfit photos.


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