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Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab

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Fashion show on a plane

Fashion show on a plane

You might have heard from many people flying to the Fashion Week - but have you already heard from someone being ON an plane, literally 10.000m in the air, experiencing an actual fashion show on a plane? Sounds crazy? Well, it is actually going to happen, and it's not so long to go…

Together with Lufthansa FlyingLab was created by Telekom Fashion Fusion, which made this outstanding, extravagant fashion experience happen. It had actually even a deeper meaning, than being only a pure Fashion Runway show, as it had an impact on social classification – as the airplane was equipped with so many cameras that even if you were sitting in the first class or in the backside, every single the passenger was always able to see the full show.
It happened, that the passengers forgot where they were for a moment, the whole space of the inside of a plane turned into a contemporary Runway. Telekom Fashion Fusion and Lufthansa FlyingLab now search together for innovative concepts in fashionHere’s the link to apply – until the 15th of August. Prototypes will be tested and shown in the FlyingLab – then on the way to the city that never sleeps for a very special reason, which might be of the highest interest of the winners. To LAS VEGAS on 8th January 2018 for CES2018, the world’s most important trade fair for entertainment electronics.
And, who knows – maybe in a few seasons you’ll be the biggest exhibitor yourself or in a few years, your clothing will be ordering the coffee just as you love it.

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