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GPS Clothing

GPS Clothing

3. December 2017 | | Experience & Community

The major benefit of GPS clothing is for parents, especially those with special needs kids.

Upon reading an article about GPS clothing from 2014, we became very excited about this simple, yet genius idea. Not only did it become popular for extreme sports lovers, such as skiers and snowboarders, in case they were caught in an avalanche; or hikers, in the case of being stranded; but the major benefit of GPS clothing, is for parents, especially those with special needs kids.

A former CNN correspondent, Lauren Thierry, started a label called “Independence Day Clothing” in 2015 – a line of clothing that help parents keep track of their autistic kids – as she has an autistic son of her own. Studies have shown that, unknown to their parents and themselves, kids with autism have the tendency to wander off or run away after the age of 4. At this time, the line of garments produced, including shirts and trousers, have small pocket inserts, that allow no-larger-than two inches GPS tracking devices (that come with the clothing, and monthly subscriptions) to be inserted, and almost undetected. Parents can then locate their kids via a computer or their smart phone. It had proven popular amongst parents for this reason, but also the parents who live in regions that fear for child kidnapping. However, after a lengthy research, this idea seems to be somehow forgotten.

To our astonishment, we could not find anything current (meaning in the year of 2017, or almost 2018), that resonates with this. We have, since then, created garments that help to guide us to destination or simply turning the music on, such as Google x Levi’s Commuter Jacket; shirts that allow us to have a brand new virtual reality experience; or dresses that flaunt in respondence to sound and gaze. Yet, this simple idea seems to have slid under the radar. Perhaps it is the time and age that self-awareness is far greater than others, but we would really love to see someone, or a company, can really go further beyond oneself.

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