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19. January 2018 | | Experience & Community

As fashion and technology are slowly coming together as one, we question the purpose and intention behind many of the fashion tech companies. What do they have to prove? We ask. Is it a self-satisfaction puff fest, or is it for “the greater goods”? Hand Tree is one of those companies that, at least from hindsight, strives for the latter.

The advancement of technology, the rapid growth and development of the world, is currently accelerating at a speed where it has become a little hard to comprehend. One of the many talked about topics has been around air pollution. It may not seem obvious for us who live in Europe, but for those who live in highly populated and condensed area such as China or India, air pollution is not just something one breaths, it is a visual reminder everyday. The designer behind Hand Tree saw the necessity in taking a more solution-based action, to develop something that’s not to change the cause of history, but to solve what has already been done. It is a bracelet, based on the same principles as plants, that absorb greenhouse gas, purifies it, then emit purified air around the wearers atmosphere. Not only can it be set to the wearers desire, it can also be put in the automatic mode where it has the ability to monitor its environment, and automatically activate the purification process accordingly. Not only can you “change the air around you”, you would also be able to tell the pollution level of the environment in which you’re surrounded by.

This little device can be charged wirelessly, and is made from eco bio-degradable plastic that meets the international health standards. Here’s one for an ambitious mind – imagine everyone in the world is wearing one of these?!

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