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Suitcase Wristband: Never Lose your luggage again!

Suitcase Wristband: Never Lose your luggage again!

22. December 2017 | | Experience & Community

When it comes to travelling, a suitcase is a necessary companion. Now it could become even more companionable. Thanks to Travelmate Robotics, you don’t even have to pull and lug your suitcase around anymore, it just follows you where ever you go.

Travelmate is more than just a suitcase. It’s a small robot that follows your footsteps, or at least the smartphone it is linked to. Via integrated sensors, Travelmate can easily cope with crowded surroundings and simply cut around obstacles. Of course it needs a battery to do such smart things, hence you are able to charge all your devices such as Laptops or smartphones via USB 3.0 that comes with it.

Did an airline ever lose your luggage? Travelmate includes a GPS chip that helps the suitcase to orientate, and updates you with its location at all times. You can also remove the GPS chip and attach it to other things that are easily lost. Thieves are guaranteed to have a bad time with it, as it has a touch-enabled lock system, which uses your fingerprint to open your suitcase. It is designed to prevent overloading with its built-in scale. And did we mention that it looks quiet cool with it’s flashy lights?

The Chinese company, Cowarobot R1, offers a similar product. In this „case“, the suitcase is controlled by a wrist band that pretty much looks like a roundish Apple Watch. Armbands like this have already been used in the branch of robotic pets, which react according to the gestures given by the wristband-wearing arm. Having a robotic dog seems pretty great. You have all the benefits of a real dog, but you don’t have to pick up its poo.

One of the biggest companies for such gesture controlled armbands is the Tech Company, Myo. It works pretty much like a Nintendo Wii stick, except the difference is that, not only does it react on motions like waving your arm, but also on the movements of your stressed or relaxed muscles for more detailed controlling.

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