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5 things we learned at #FASHIONTECH Berlin 2018

5 things we learned at #FASHIONTECH Berlin 2018

18. January 2018 | | Experience & Community

Immersive, inspiring, interactive – Welcome to #FASHIONTECH Berlin 2018. On January 16th 2018, Berlin’s Kraftwerk is buzzing with fashion enthusiasts, tech experts, innovators and entrepreneurs. Today, the concrete and steel building of the past meets the fashion labels of the future. Here, as part of Berlin’s Fashion Week, our digital age is fully embraced at one of the world’s leading conferences for fashion and tech. 

And of course the Fashion Fusion team can’t miss it. So, today we are on site with our Lufthansa collaboration, FlyingLab and two up and coming Fashiontech designers. At our booth, Lorenzo Fürg of Trainwear, one of Fashion Fusion’s winners, explains how his intelligent sportswear and virtual “personal trainer” help you work out. Next to him, Hungarian designer Zsófia Lévai presents her interactive knitwear collection INTERKNITTING. Her garments are made out of wool and cashmere and are equipped with LED lights. They can sense people’s reactions to sensations such as sound, touch, and motion.

But above all, #FASHIONTECH is about connecting entrepreneurs and about exchanging information. Industry experts share their knowledge and expose new trends in talks and workshops. So we listened and this is what we learned:

5 takeaways from the #FASHIONTECH Berlin 2018:

1. Sustainability is Trendy: Fashion becomes more sustainable, eco- and animal friendly. Upcycling turns old into new and the creation of innovative and longer lasting textiles and materials such as synthetic leather reduce the carbon footprint and remove animals from the equation.

2. AI – Meet the Designer of the Future: AI technologies might soon become our favorite shopping buddy. With the use of AI technology, designers can learn our personal style and preferences and generate new clothing accordingly. Finally, we can stop looking for that perfect little black dress.

3. Taking Digital to the Next Level: Tired of running from store to store? Of picking out clothes online only to send them back? Virtual changing rooms help you choose your garments without trying them on. And soon, an app could alter the design of a single item with just one click. The possibilities are endless.

4. Blockchain Meets Fashion: Blockchain technology and smart contracts are not just for the banking sector. In the future, garments could be equipped with their own digital token stored in the Blockchain database. With this information, you can track its fabrication process, find out the exact material, or verify its authenticity.

5. Tomorrow’s Fashion Means Function: It used to be all about style and hype. But the fashion items of the future have to be smart and adjustable, measure our heartbeat, charge our smartphone, or adjust themselves to heat or cold. It is no longer a mere representation of our lifestyle but an improvement to our life.

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