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Artificial Intelligence meets Fashion at FashionTechBerlin

Artificial Intelligence meets Fashion at FashionTechBerlin

The big breakthrough, meaning when this topic got a huge audience for the first time and when many of us actually started to understand what artificial intelligence can make happen was through the movie „HER“ starring Joaquín Phoenix, who fell in love with „HER“ - her, a intelligent computer system with this lovely female voice, starring the ultimative voice of Scarlett Johansson.


So now, of course, you might be wondering where to find a hybrid to the actual world of fashion we live in everyday: we can tell you one thing, there’s a lot of intersections. And there’s even more to come and to be created in the future.

Thinking of how we freeze sometimes in winter for example, or how we sweat in summer – wouldn’t it be beyond amazing to have a jacket or another clothing item, that feels your feelings and can react to it, just to make you feel better immediately through technology? Imagine to be cooled down when you sweat and to be kept warm when it’s cold….

AI means that fashion is not only about what your outfit looks like anymore, or to protect you, but also to interact with you and to communicate for you and with you. We love this development and are very excited to experience the beginning of such a big movement.

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