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Charge it. When fashion becomes your charger

Charge it. When fashion becomes your charger

18. August 2017 | | Fashion & Couture

Charging your phone with your clothes - sounds like a dream? In reality, this dream could possibly become true very soon. With the help of our galaxy's strongest star: the sun.

We all know that feeling when the push notification on your smart device comes up: battery is low. The first immediate thought most people have after this message is – “Where can I charge my phone?”

The reason for this feeling and way of thinking comes down to our dependency on smart devices. This is not particularly a negative thing. Smart devices have helped us to design a new way of life, more complex perhaps, and we could not live without them. The opportunity of constantly going to new places, the ability to compare prices or even finding new directions, all thanks to our smart little helpers. Especially when we are in cities and countries we are unfamiliar with. The navigation system on our smart devices has the ability to map out our new surroundings precisely, saving us from the embarrassment of wandering around like headless flies, bothering strangers with directions. So, guess it all comes down to the only problem with these smart little things – their battery lives – not so smart. But not for long…

The start-up Wearable Solar came up with an amazing idea of being able to charge your phone on your clothing which is equipped with flexible solar panels. And it looks really good!

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