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Finding the perfect fit with ZOZOSUIT

Finding the perfect fit with ZOZOSUIT

28. November 2017 | | Business & Development

This high-tech suit solves the dilemma of finding the right clothing size when shopping online. 

It’s a well-known common issue: what size to buy the clothes we find online. Although most brands work with the traditional XS, S, M, L etc. measurements, sometimes it’s unclear what size to get your desired item in. Think of coats or jeans for example and the disappointing feeling of trying on the purchase at home only to find out that it’s to small or too big.

The sensor-equipped ZOZOSUIT wants to fix this problem once and for all. The body-hugging suit with integrated StretchSense technology allows customers to always find their exact fit. The smart garment looks and feels like a regular sports compression garment, while being super soft and stretchy to perfectly adapt to all areas of the body. It contains around 150 sensors from the neck to the ankles which quickly take your exact measurements. The data is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the ZOZO shopping app onto the consumer’s profile. Users can shop the ZOZO collection without having to select a size – the system does that for them.

The bodysuit will be available to customers of Start Today, who own Japan’s largest online fashion retailer. The company’s goal is to ensure online shoppers a guaranteed fit when purchasing clothes online, which subsequently improves customer satisfaction. In return, the retailer can minimize returns of ordered garments.

StretchSense’s mission is to go from wearables to “disappearables”, meaning smart garments with unobtrusive sensors that feel unnoticeable to the wearer. This technology will surely change the way online fashion is consumed  and we are looking forward to its development in the future.




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