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29. September 2017 | | Experience & Community

On Wednesday, 27th of September, the Magenta Night 2017 took place in the breath-taking scenery of the MAK in Vienna. Highlight: the Telekom Fashion Fusion runway show!

For this year’s Magenta Night, the location could not have been more beautiful and paradoxically adequate: the MAK in Vienna, which was modeled after the South Kensington Museum, today Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Although known and admired for its renaissance architecture, the museum is one of the venues within this year’s Vienna Biennale program. Even more adequately, the theme for 2017 is “Robots.Work.Our Future” and multiple exhibitions around that topic are being held at the museum.

What better way to integrate fashion into the mix? The Magenta Night started off with a small press conference lead by the panel speakers: Antje Hundhausen, VP 3D Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekom and founder of Fashion Fusion, Antonio Angelo Gatti Balsarri, shareholder and director of lemonblood group, Danit Peleg, fashion designer from Tel Aviv focusing on 3D printing and Julia Körner, award-winning designer specialized in additive manufacturing and robotic technology. What followed was an interesting talk by the four speakers, presented by Corinna Milborn, anchor and chief of information at Puls4.


The focus of the discussion was, of course, the fusion between fashion and technology and its future. What has become especially apparent during the talk were all the benefits 3D printing is providing designers and, ultimately, consumers. This technology allows designers to create garments with zero waste, because every piece of the garment that is produced has its very specific purpose. This technology also provides them with something else that is crucial to their creativity: freedom. It gives them the possibility to create their own, individual patterns and play with forms and shapes. The ultimate goal however seems to remain the opportunity to design pieces at the comfort of your own home. Danit Peleg explained that she can send any customer her design via email address which can be downloaded and printed on their own printers. Or as the Israeli designer charmingly put it, the ability to have a “viral dress” for everyone around the world to download.

Antonio Angelo Gatti Balsarri, who has worked in the textile industry for more than 15 years, pointed out that he believes “we will all be wearing clothes in the future”, but he is positive that technology will become and integrated part of our wardrobe, especially with regards to sports- and workwear. “The future is not only about textiles, it must be sustainable and has to have a function”, he claimed. Antje Hundhausen, founder of Fashion Fusion, explained that her passion for the project comes from a deep interest in trying to enrich peoples lives, which is exactly the direction fashion tech is trying to take. The bottom line may be that we aren’t ready for huge changes all at once – but thanks to designers like Julia Körner and Danit Peleg, the adaptation process becomes a lot less strange and a lot more fun.

The panel then left the stage to make room for what everyone was waiting for: the Telekom Fashion Fusion runway show! Models and dancers skillfully showcased eight innovative designs to give the 400 guests a taste of what the future of fashion could (and probably will) look like. Instead of letting the models/dancers walk down the runway in the usual manner, international choreographer Daybee Dee staged a really gripping performance, proving that you actually can move in those designs!

Some of the pieces belonged to last year’s Telekom Fashion Fusion challenge members, such as Trainwear, Transwarmentities and Yuma, as well as designs by Steinrohner and Bury by Yuchen Zhang. The presentation of course included stunning show-stopper looks by Julia Körner and Danit Peleg. Additionally, as a nod to the Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab challenge (which is currently running), a smart uniform for airplane cabin crew staff was presented.

“In order to create innovation, you need to stop holding on to the past. Because then, you will have both hands free for something spectacular”, said Antonio Angelo Gatti Balsarri. What better way to conclude a wonderful night.

In case you want to watch the panel talk and the amazing fashion show, visit our Facebook page – the live streaming of the event is still up! Find more information and impressions about the Magenta Night 2017 here. 


Photo credits: T-Mobile/Marlena König

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