5 of the most influential fashion tech podcasts

5 of the most influential fashion tech podcasts

Long nights of sewing, extensive sessions of soldering, doing the dishes or paying the taxes: No matter if you are an active member of the fashion tech scene or more of  an afficionado, there will be moments in your life when you’ll have to deal with repetitive and sometimes intellectually understimulating tasks. Those are the moments for great, enlightening podcasts on fashion and technology. We’ve put together the five most influential and interesting ones. 

Fashion is your business

Fashion is your business is a podcast produced by the influential business development firm Open Source Fashion. As the firm itself aims to support fashion tech companies in terms of strategy and communication, the podcast focuses on these issues, too. The hosts Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco not only discuss current trends and recent news, but also interview entrepreneurs and industry notables to get a variety of standpoints on all things fashion tech. Additionally, business leaders can announce new start ups and other milestones on the podcast. 

Spirit of 608

Lorraine Sanders, host of Spirit of 608 and the corresponding media service, built an extensive career in fashion journalism before she turned to podcasting. Her mission is clear: to shine a light on women at the forefront of FEST, an acronym of Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Tech. Her interview style is relatable, fun and curious, her guest are women with progressive business ideas, highly versed in their respective sectors and exceptionally diverse, discussing topics from unexpected sourcing, over whether or not ditching your day job is a good idea, to the point of repairing and revamping already well established sustainable brands. 


When it comes to fashion tech, she’s a jack of all trades: Amanda Cosco. She not only reports on cyborgs, wearables and the future of fashion for well known publishing houses like WWD or Wareable. She also does this in such an innovative way that companies on the level of Intel sit up and take notice. She is a favored keynote speaker and she shares all of her experience with us in her podcast Electricrunway. Listen to it on Soundcloud or your favorite Podcast App and enjoy perfectly delivered news on the latest fashion weeks, augmented reality or fabrics of the future.

Sourcebits’ The future of Wearables

From strategy to design, from development to marketing, analytics and lifecycle planning: Sourcebits does it all. But to unfold and display the full potential of their extensive network, the company created The Source, a podcast subdivided into categories, of which one is called The future of Wearables. Most of them are pretty timeless, so if you’re asking yourself who controls your data, what virtual reality might look in 20 years, or if you want to learn about biohacking, these episodes are a really good place to start. 

The Guardian - The future of wearable tech

It’s hard to find an influential fashion tech podcast from Europe. Which is not really bad news because - fashion tech savvy podcast nerds, this goes out to you - it might be still to come! But there is a long running, well established Guardian podcast which occasionally dives into fashion tech as well. It’s called Chips with everything, and besides recommending the fashion tech episodes, we’d want to encourage you to follow this podcast in general for a broader perspective on what’s keeping tech pros up at night.


Did we miss out on an amazing podcast you love listening to? Let us know in the comments and share you knowledge with our community. We’d love to broaden our perspective!

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