Celebrating Fashion Fusion - The Award Show

Celebrating Fashion Fusion - The Award Show

During fashion week the whole city of Berlin is buzzing with stylish people roaming the the catwalk locations, the fairs and yes, also the streets. Especially in Berlin/Mitte, the whole vibe is leans towards fashion when the buzz is on. Right in the heart of this district, Deutsche Telekom decided to hold the Fashion Fusion Award Show at Sophiensaele

And in fact, what better place to celebrate the creative, technological and manual skills of fashion tech newcomers than in the rooms of a building that once housed the association of craftsmen of Berlin, as well as a workshop for Maxim Gorki theatre some decades later. Today it is home to dance, theatre, performance, musicals and discussions. 

So here they all came together: participants, the press, the organisers and curious spectators. To celebrate a glamorous night of fashion tech and find out who the three winner teams would be. The ones who would take away their well earned prized after ceremoniously being awarded and serenaded by their eulogists on the big stage. We'd like to take this chance and thank everyone involved for their enthusiasm, hard work and innovative ideas. We are stunned about the results of this first ever Fashion Fusion Challenge and humbled by the great feedback we received. We are keenly looking forward to the second edition of the challenge. But now, we let the fotos of the night speak for themselves. 

The ballroom of Sophiensaele was packed when the award show started. 
The audience was spellbound by the great show.                                          Photo by: Beda Mulzer

Ole Tillmann, host of the night, chaperoned the night with charming elegance.
Anita Tillmann, Antje Hundhausen and Lisa Lang attentively following the show on stage.

Finalist Dagmar Kestner presenting her Articulated Dress in stage in the ballroom. The delicate and intelligent creation came into being during the accelerator months of Fashion Fusion.

The audience was stunned by the effect of Mimeme's augmented reality collection. The images from the virtual reality device was screened live on stage.

Highly visible high fashion. A vest from the UrbanBikeClub collection.
How to travel stylish and practical with the YUMA solar backpack cover 
The smart watch wristband of WOTCH blends perfectly into a stylish outfit.

An urban pirate dressed in Pyrates smart fabrics.     
Photo by: Beda Mulzer

The music suit in full swing. This garment is an instrument.
A smart wallet on stage: The charing purse Poqit.Berlin goes along well with a casual functional style. 

The amazing performance by St. Vito. The outfits react to outside technological manipulation, thus creating a poetic and vivid show. 

The Livescape Bloom dress displays the weather around the globe in the movement of the flower embroidery.

TranSwarm Entities created a dress that houses an armada of individual drones. 
The Articulated Dress in all its beauty. 

The winners team still needed to give it all on stage: The Trainwear team created a digital personal coach and showed its efficiency live. 

1. Prize: Trainwear with Gernot Bahle, Bo Zhou and Lorenzo Fürg
2. Prize: MimemeAR with Christian Bruns, TankThunderbird and Antonio Ciutto 
3. Prize: Transwarm Entities with Maartje Dijkstra and Beorn Lebenstedt (AKA Newk)

 Initiators, participants and jurors of the first ever Fashion Fusion Challenge celebrate all together.

The only thing left to say is: See you next year! 


Photo credits - If not otherwise stated, all images Florian Reimann for Telekom Fashion Fusion 

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