Future Fashion First Hand: Follow Our Finalists

Future Fashion First Hand: Follow Our Finalists

Behind the scenes the preparations for the second edition of the Fashion Fusion challenge have already started. Nevertheless for all participants of the inaugural edition it remains exciting. There are many demanding but thrilling tasks that lie ahead: The search for inspiration, new partners and customers continues and the teams have to further develop their smart fashion concepts outside the lab.

What are their next steps going to be? How are their prototypes going to change? Which of the products will be available and when? We are looking forward to the new challenges of all participants. Let's continue to follow and support the different missions. For getting in touch with them directly, we draw up their websites and social media channels for you to get all of their news first hand:

Articulated Dress

You can find recent pictures of the articulated dress with an interactive surface that changes its appearance, shape and structure on Instagram and Facebook.

LiveScape BLOOM

You're looking for proof that technology does not have to look technical? Then Caroline McMillan with her connected dress is the right person to contact.


On Instagram our 1st runner-up team mimeme shows what virtual clothing can look like. On Twitter the team, Tank Thunderbird, Antonio Ciutto and Christian Brunsals, shares the latest developments in Augmented Reality and Fashion.


You've always dreamt of controlling the sound of music with only your body movements? Get in touch with team MusicSuit! Visit their website for MusicSuit or contact the team members Greta Melnik and Lukas F. Hartmann on Instagram or Twitter.


Who could not use a wallet that charges your phone on the side? Follow the progression of poqit.berlin's smart wallet and keep up with what the developer team experiences on Facebook. In addition, the team is active on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #poqit and #poqitberlin.


You can admire the current collection of the functional sportswear by Pyrates on Instagram. Also you can find all the latest news about their smart fabrics on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact founder and CEO Regina Polanco directly.


The multimedia project ST VITO goes on a tour through Australia soon. Don't miss how the costume for dancers and artists with integrated light show elements takes over the other end of the world. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


Those of you who want to learn more about our winner team TrainWear and their virtual personal trainer: Look out for their brand new Facebook channel, always keeping you updated with personal Fashion Fusion insights, production pictures and much more.

TranSwarm Entities

Our 2nd runner-up  – the haute tech couture performance TranSwarm Entities – is based on Maartje Dijkstras design and the sound of Newk. Pictures of the various creations of the designer can be found on Instagram and Facebook. In addition she has got a website worth seeing. Check out Soundclound and Mixcloud for more tracks of the music producer.

Urban Bike Club

The Team Urban Bike Club has just started to redesign their website - check it out! More pictures and news around the modern bicycle vests and locks can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


You are interested in the progress of Wotch, the smart watchstraps, which transform conventional wristwatches into smart watches? Visit their website or get in touch via Facebook.


Yuma developed a waterproof backpack protector within the competition, which automatically captures sunshine for solar energy to be used while traveling. Reach the team on Instagram or via e-mail to learn more about the project.

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