Instagram Highlights: A list of fashion tech must-follows

Instagram Highlights: A list of fashion tech must-follows

Pauline van Dongen is not only a wearable technology wizard she also knows how important it is to create advanced technology which easily approachable and attracts the eye. It’s the only way in which technology will be adapted into everyday life. So her Instagram account is pure pleasure. It is a mix of beautiful and insightful fabric close-ups, inspirational quotes and images as well as updates on her projects. It’s aesthetically amazing, carefully curated and still very personal. 

Iris van Herpen is an artist, an avant-garde fashion designer. Some have named her the future of Haute Couture. Her Instagram account is a constant feed of fashion beauty. From backstage to catwalk images, from close ups of her elaborate 3D printed designs to clippings of editorials, the full integration of fashion tech into high fashion comes to live with Iris van Herpen. 

Give it up for the newcomers of fashion tech. Anja Dragan is no stranger to the scene per se. But she bring in fresh vibes and a new perspective on the future of fashion. Through her Instagram account we can follow her to the locations of her shootings, into the workshops were she creates new designs, into her notebooks where she draws and scribbles inspirational notes and drafts as well as on her travels through the world in the name of fashion tech. And yes, sometimes there is cat content, too.

The Instagram account of Third Wave Fashion is always up to date and offers a very broad variety of insights into the international scene of fashion tech. Though not limited to one specific topic it will never mess with your feed. The images are all chosen thoughtfully and all together, create a pretty consistent visual language. But most importantly: The diversity of people and projects 3rd wave fashion covers is really inspiring.

Designer and engineer Jasna Rokegem not only envisions the future, sometimes it seems like she already lives in it. The style of her creations is idiosyncratic in a way that makes us long for the enhancements of coming technologies and styles. But this is what makes her Instagram feed more than lovable: It captures a hard working, motivated but approachable woman on her time travels between a promising future of progressive solutions and the warm hearted, familial, down to earth here and now. 

Arc’teryx is an outdoor label that specializes in high-end functional and smart fabric production to create unique collections that help outdoor aficionados reach their goals. Arc’teryx Veilance meanwhile, does the same thing for people who live in an urban environment.  As Arc’terys Veilances designers know that the urban environment is not always accepting of outdoor gear in flashy color blocking, even if weather conditions are harsh. So they merge the high-tech performance fabrics with traditional silhouettes of classic menswear. Follow their Instagram account to be inspired by the effortlessness with which a full system of functional textiles can be integrated into a modern and minimalist wardrobe. 

Do you have fashion tech Instagram accounts that you can recommend? Let us know in the comment section below and we'll consider adding them to the list. 


Photo credits - landscape teaser image: f.l.t.r. IG @irisvanherpen, See the unseen via IG @3rdwavefashion, IG @veilance, IG @paulinevandongen, IG @anjadragan_, IG @jasnarok

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