Smart Cross Bag

Smart Cross Bag

Spread some love with the new Telekom Fashion Fusion 'Smart Cross Bag' in cooperation with Arvida Bystrom. The bag is presented exclusively as part of the relaunch of just relaunched under the new name EXPANDED.ART and with an exciting new program.

The new 'Smart Cross Bag' in cooperation with Arvida Byström allows you to send a message with your bag to the outside world via a built-in screen.

Let your creativity run wild and hand out sweet messages, greetings or statements - the new bag lets you customize everything via our developed app ``Type your reply`` - no matter what color or lettering.

About the App

‘Type Your Reply’ is an app that allows users to connect their smartphone to a special power bank via Bluetooth. This special power bank features an LED-screen for displaying messages. Besides the text the user can customize the message by defining its color, the brightness and the speed at which the message is displayed on the power bank’s LED-screen. Finally the user can place the LED power bank in Fashion Fusion’s ‘Smart Cross Bag’ that has a transparent fabric so that the message can be seen on the surface of the bag.